“The manifold perfections of creatures – their truth, their goodness, their beauty – all reflect the infinite perfection of God.”  ~Catechism of the Catholic Church, 41.

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Beauty, Truth, and Goodness are qualities of the universe that both ancient pagan and Christian traditions call the “transcendental values”. These eternal values are beyond this world but also in the world. They imbue our mundane circumstances with life and in some mysterious way bring us into the presence of God. They are often referred to simply as the Transcendentals.

We may say that we can “see” the triune God through the faint outlines and mystical colors of these three stained glass windows of heaven.

The indefinable God reveals Himself perfectly only in Jesus Christ, but He also communicates His life in mysterious ways through these three qualities written into His creation.

God is Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

To a believer, the sacred windows are radiant channels of grace. To a non-believer they are invitations to supernatural faith.

About the Windows

A window is a barrier of some fragile material that stands between the outside and the inside. Here, the outside is the world of God’s creation; the inside is the inner world of each human soul. When we encounter the many forms of Beauty, Truth and Goodness around us, our souls are gazing through sacred windows.

Beauty appeals to the emotions and is the foundation for the supernatural gift of Hope. Of all God’s creatures, only humans have the capacity to feel deeply the beauty and inspiration of the created world and hope for something even loftier.

Truth nurtures the intellect and is the foundation of the supernatural gift of Faith. Truth saves us from error and ennobles us to live in community and in harmony with God’s creation. The mind must be fed constantly with truth in order to thrive and grow.

Goodness appeals to the will and is the foundation of the supernatural gift of Charity, the very essence of God’s Life. Authentic love always takes the form of concrete acts of heroism, generosity, and self-sacrifice. Our souls are enriched and strengthened by the humble goodness we find all around us.

About the Viewer

Bodies grow through food, emotions grow through expression, minds grow through education, but how do souls grow? In addition to God’s grace, souls grow through exposure to the Transcendentals.

The aim of the articles on this site is to touch your imagination with Beauty, your mind with Truth and your will with Goodness so that you will grow spiritually and become a saint.

Some articles will give you insight into little-known or under-appreciated blessings of our vast Christian Tradition. Other posts will delight, strengthen and inspire you to be a better person. Still others will open your heart to new realities in performance art, human ingenuity, spirituality, nature, science, art and culture.

Every post is an opportunity for spiritual growth. When looking through these windows, eyesight is less important than insight.

We welcome your feedback as you read the articles.

About the Author

The administrator and author of this site is Peter Darcy, an avid writer and editor who spent thirty years as a Catholic missionary and teacher. He manages a non-profit publishing business called Strength of Soul Books and spends most of his days writing articles and books on spiritual themes. He is a columnist for Patheos and a managing editor for CatholicStand.com.

If you are an experienced writer and would like to share a Beauty-Truth-Goodness witness to this audience, kindly contact me at peterdarcy@sacredwindows.com to propose your idea.

Peace to all!

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