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Heavenly Father, source of all, beauty, truth, and goodness in the universe, lofty origin of all being and life,

Send your Holy Spirit to enlighten the hearts and minds of all visitors to this site with the radiant gift of Your divine Wisdom. Open their eyes to the wonders of Your magnificent creation and give them insight into the graces and powers that keep Your world in existence at every moment until the end of time.

May every soul who visits this site be fortified and sanctified by engagement with this content – lovingly prepared and presented by the authors – and may their hearts be refreshed after their encounters with the beauty, truth, and goodness manifested in the pages.

Help them to grow in holiness and grace as they gaze into the sacred windows of Your divine light that penetrate our world. Above all, make them missionaries of that light to others in the darkness of our world for the salvation of all the souls You have created for eternal blessedness.

May Christ give them peace and strengthen them for their journey to Your eternal Kingdom where You live and reign with Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.


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