Seven Martyrs from the Heart of One Family

2021-10-03T03:22:27-04:00September 30th, 2021|Faith & Mysticism, GOODNESS, Martyrs & Witnesses|

The Second Book of Maccabees, Chapter 7, recounts the horrific story of the Jewish mother who was forced to watch the killing of her seven sons during the persecution of the Greek king Antiochus Epiphanes (175-164 BC). This evil military general inherited a portion of Alexander the Great's empire and set about forcing everyone [...]

The Disquieting Theology of Gargoyles

2021-11-11T03:16:33-05:00September 30th, 2021|Church & Sacraments, TRUTH|

The architects and stone masons who built the great medieval Gothic cathedrals would not have shared the opinion of the current Jesuit General that the devil is just a figment of our imagination. (That whirring sound you hear is the Jesuits’ founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, spinning in his grave.) No, the medieval craftsmen [...]

Ultimate Trust in God

2021-09-05T14:46:56-04:00September 5th, 2021|Faith & Mysticism, TRUTH|

One day in a big city, the managers of a supermarket looked at their profit-loss sheets and discovered that they were losing business to their local competitors. They knew they had to figure out some way to generate more interest in the store and increase sales. They settled on the idea of holding a [...]

Thomas Aquinas’ Eucharistic Heart and Hymn

2021-09-08T18:15:38-04:00July 18th, 2021|Church & Sacraments, TRUTH, VIDEO, Virgin Mary & Saints|

Brother Reginald, the personal assistant to St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1275), once spied the great theologian in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. According to Brother Reginald’s account, Thomas was agonizing over whether he had written accurately of the central mystery of our faith, the Eucharist, and was presenting his concerns to the Lord. At that [...]

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