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112 feet

Cochabamba, Bolivia – Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace)

108 feet

Świebodzin, Western Poland – Christ the King

105 feet

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam – Christ of Vũng Tàu

102 feet

Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines – Sacred Heart of Jesus

100 feet

Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines – The Divine Mercy

99 feet

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Christ the Redeemer

Ninety-Foot Range

monumental statue of Christ in Tlalnepantla Mexico

98.5 ft. – San Rafael, Tlalnepantla, Mexico – Cristo Resucitado (The Resurrected Christ)

Christ Blessing Statue in Indonesia

98.5 ft. – Manado City, Indonesia – Kristus Kase Berkat (Christ Blessing)

monumental statue of Christ in Otero Spain

98.5 ft. – Castile and Leon, Spain – Christ of Otero

monumental statue of Christ in Angola

98 ft. – Lubango, Angola – Christ the King

monumental statue of Christ in Lisbon Portugal

92 ft. – Almada, Lisbon, Portugal – Christ the King

white statue of Christ blessing in Argentina

92 ft. – Tucumán, Argentina – Cristo Bendicente (Christ Blessing)

Massive statue of Jesus Blessing in Indonesia

90 ft. – Makale, Sulawesi, Indonesia – Jesus Buntu Burake (Jesus Blessing)

Eighty-Foot Range

88.6 ft. – Dili, East Timor – Christ the King

monumental statue of Christ in East Timor

85 ft. – Cali, Columbia – Christ the King

monumental statue of Christ in Cali Colombia

85 ft. – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – Christ of Mercy

monumental statue of Divine Mercy in Nicaragua

82 ft. – Aguascalientes, Mexico – The Broken Christ

Cristo Roto statue of Christ in Aguascalientes Mexico

82 ft. – Haute-Savoie, France – Christ Roi des Houches (Christ the King)

monumental statue of Christ in France

Seventy-Foot Range

monumental statue of Christ in Tijuana Mexico

76 ft. – Tijuana, Mexico – Cristo Rey de los Álamos (Christ the King)

monumental bronze statue of Christ in Cubilete Mexico

75 ft. – Guanajuato, Cerro del Cubilete, Mexico – Christ the King

monumental statue of Sacred Heart in Baja Mexico

75 ft. – Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico – The Sacred Heart

monumental statue of Christ of the Pacific in Peru

72 ft. – Lima, Peru – Christ of the Pacific

Stainless steel statue of the Sacred Heart in Romania

72 ft. – Lupeni, Harghita, Romania – Heart of Jesus

monumental statue of Christ in Noas Mexico

71.5 ft. – Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico – Cristo de las Noas

monumental statue of Christ on the mountain in Maratea Italy

69.8 ft. – Maratea, Italy – Christ the Redeemer

And… The Prize for the Most Interesting Statue of Christ

22 ft. – La Epifanía Church – Zacatecas, Mexico – Baby Jesus

huge statue of Baby Jesus in Mexico

Currently weighs over 2000 lbs.
Expected to reach a height of more than 100 feet when fully grown.


If you were wondering what kinds of statues of Christ we have here in the United States, wonder no more. The document below provides a survey of the few monumental Christ statues in the US and a list of many other famous statues and their sizes. Click on the link below for the free PDF and feel free to share it with others.