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112 feet

Cochabamba, Bolivia – Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace)

108 feet

Świebodzin, Western Poland – Christ the King

105 feet

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam – Christ of Vũng Tàu

102 feet

Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines – Sacred Heart of Jesus

100 feet

Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines – The Divine Mercy

99 feet

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Christ the Redeemer

Ninety-Foot Range

monumental statue of Christ in Tlalnepantla Mexico

98.5 ft. – San Rafael, Tlalnepantla, Mexico – Cristo Resucitado (The Resurrected Christ)

Christ Blessing Statue in Indonesia

98.5 ft. – Manado City, Indonesia – Kristus Kase Berkat (Christ Blessing)

monumental statue of Christ in Otero Spain

98.5 ft. – Castile and Leon, Spain – Christ of Otero

monumental statue of Christ in Angola

98 ft. – Lubango, Angola – Christ the King

monumental statue of Christ in Lisbon Portugal

92 ft. – Almada, Lisbon, Portugal – Christ the King

white statue of Christ blessing in Argentina

92 ft. – Tucumán, Argentina – Cristo Bendicente (Christ Blessing)

Massive statue of Jesus Blessing in Indonesia

90 ft. – Makale, Sulawesi, Indonesia – Jesus Buntu Burake (Jesus Blessing)

Eighty-Foot Range

88.6 ft. – Dili, East Timor – Christ the King

monumental statue of Christ in East Timor

85 ft. – Cali, Columbia – Christ the King

monumental statue of Christ in Cali Colombia

85 ft. – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – Christ of Mercy

monumental statue of Divine Mercy in Nicaragua

82 ft. – Aguascalientes, Mexico – The Broken Christ

Cristo Roto statue of Christ in Aguascalientes Mexico

82 ft. – Haute-Savoie, France – Christ Roi des Houches (Christ the King)

monumental statue of Christ in France

Seventy-Foot Range

monumental statue of Christ in Tijuana Mexico

76 ft. – Tijuana, Mexico – Cristo Rey de los Álamos (Christ the King)

monumental bronze statue of Christ in Cubilete Mexico

75 ft. – Guanajuato, Cerro del Cubilete, Mexico – Christ the King

monumental statue of Sacred Heart in Baja Mexico

75 ft. – Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico – The Sacred Heart

monumental statue of Christ of the Pacific in Peru

72 ft. – Lima, Peru – Christ of the Pacific

Stainless steel statue of the Sacred Heart in Romania

72 ft. – Lupeni, Harghita, Romania – Heart of Jesus

monumental statue of Christ in Noas Mexico

71.5 ft. – Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico – Cristo de las Noas

monumental statue of Christ on the mountain in Maratea Italy

69.8 ft. – Maratea, Italy – Christ the Redeemer

And… The Prize for the Most Interesting Statue of Christ

22 ft. – La Epifanía Church – Zacatecas, Mexico – Baby Jesus

huge statue of Baby Jesus in Mexico

Currently weighs over 2000 lbs.
Expected to reach a height of more than 100 feet when fully grown. [Satire!]


If you were wondering what kinds of statues of Christ we have here in the United States, wonder no more. The document below provides a survey of the few monumental Christ statues in the US and a list of many other famous statues and their sizes. Click on the link below for the free PDF and feel free to share it with others.


[This article is a companion piece to the Sacred Windows Email Newsletter of 06/27/21, “The Largest Statue of Christ in the World”. Please visit our Newsletter Archives.]